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The River and the Snail

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Dal 21/10/2023 al 14/01/2024


Place: Darsena
Curated byMariella Busi De Logu, Edoardo Missiroli, Giancarlo Gramantieri
: Saturday, 21 October | 12 p.m.
Period: from 21 October 2023
Opening hours: every day 9 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Admission: free entry

The River and the Snail is a reinterpretation of the place of the Gods. "The retractile, built with primary material, imprisons the gold of the sun and the moon, made in Byzantine mosaic, warns us that the past is the other face of the present - it is the present that generates its own past from within- as we are living it now. We are in the era of retrotopia and the retroactive horizon. The future thus appears to us as "uncertain, terrible, full of nightmares"


Darsena - via dell’Almagià