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A piece in black

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Il 08/11/2023


Place: Parco della Pace
Curated byMariella Busi De Logu for Associazione Dis-ORDINE
: 8 November | 12 p.m.
Admission: free entry

"A piece in black" is an event in four actions by Mariella Busi De Logu, for the Association Dis-ORDINE. The work was born both as a response to the state of abandonment of the Parco della Pace and to the recent acts of vandalism, both as a call for the younger generations to participate and to recognize the places of contemporary art. In fact, students from different Institutes are involved in dialogue with the mosaic works present in the Park.

With the collaboration of Monica Marcucci, for photographic documentation and video footage, Sara Maioli, for sounds and graphics, and Riccardo Galeati.


Parco della Pace - Via Marzabotto, 1