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Press Conference: The Map of Contemporary Mosaics in Ravenna

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Il 10/10/2023

Towards a cartography of Contemporary Mosaics in Ravenna

Place: Casa Matha
Press conference and the presentation of the map of Contemporary Mosaics in Ravenna

Tuesday, 10 October | 12 p.m.

Presentation of the project realized in collaboration with the Art Schools of Ravenna, the Nervi-Severini Art School, and the Academy of Fine Arts. Cataloging of contemporary mosaic interventions in Ravenna. Research of the works and interviews with the authors. Re-design of the cartography of the center of Ravenna and surrounding areas, with an indication of churches, historic buildings, and UNESCO monuments, and reference symbols relating to three sections, identified on the basis of the exhibition of contemporary art monuments in the city.


Casa Matha - piazza Andrea Costa, 3