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The mind and the brain: the immaterial that changes matter

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Dal 14/10/2023 al 14/01/2024

Place: Boutique Fantasque
Period: 14 October - 14 November 2023 

PlaceTagiuri apparel
14 November - 14 December 2023 

PlaceCristina Rocca apparel
Period: 14 December 2023 - 14 January 2024

Opening hours: shop opening hours
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The work develops from a mosaic, which in its geometry symbolizes the vision of Pythagoras: "The whole universe is geometry, even thought." The mind influences the brain: this can be seen as the hardware necessary for the functioning of the mind, which is the software, the program used to process data. Unlike what happens to the computer, where the software does not modify the structure of the hardware, it has recently been discovered that mental activity influences the very functioning of the brain.


Boutique Fantasque - via Cavour , 45
Tagiuri abbigliamento - via Cairoli, 10
Cristina Rocca abbigliamento - Via Giuliano Argentario, 11

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