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L'immenso in tasca

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Dal 06/10/2019 al 24/11/2019

Francesca Fabbri

6 October - 24 November 2019
Giardino della Basilica di Sant'Agata Maggiore
artwork by Francesca Fabbri
opening hours:  always visible
free admission 


L’immenso in tasca - Immensity in your pocket, a sculpture created in 2012, is a black glass mosaic depicting a woman as she opens the pocket of her coat from whence gold and light pour forth. The choice of black glass mosaics expresses feelings of doubt, fear and loneliness. The message of the work is that what we feel we are lacking, and may seek elsewhere, is actually very close to us, on us, within us. Francesca Fabbri, who lives in Ravenna, the home of the mosaic, is an artist of international renown who combines mosaic art with sculpture in an original way. Among her most important works is the funeral monument to Rudolf Nureyev in the cemetery of Sainte- Geneviève-sous-Bois in Paris. Many of her works have been exhibited in exhibitions throughout Italy and abroad, for instance, in Miami (Florida, USA) and at the Venice Biennial.


Giardino della Basilica di Sant'Agata Maggiore - Via Mazzini, 46