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Dal 06/10/2019 al 24/11/2019

La Commedia di Dante alla luce del mosaico


6 October - 24 November 2019

Botteghe del Mosaico

Barbara Liverani > Barbara Liverani Studio, via Girolamo Rossi 21 A, Ravenna
Dimensione Mosaico > Villaggio Globale, via C. Ricci 2, Ravenna
Ivana Ciuti > Laboratorio IMAD, via F. Negri 4 A, Ravenna
Arianna Gallo, Lea Ciambelli > Koko Mosaico, via Di Roma 136, Ravenna
Luciana Notturni > Laboratorio Mosaic Art School, via F. Negri 14, Ravenna
Anna Fietta, Il Mosaico di Maddy > Laboratorio Annafietta, via G. Argentario 21, Ravenna
Curated by CNA Ravenna e Linda Kniffitz
free admission 


 A group of workshops of the Italian Confederation of Artisans – CNA – has created an ambitious project with the precise desire to link two of the strongest symbols of Ravenna’s identity, Dante and mosaics, by giving a figurative form to some of the poet’s verses. The project started in 2017 with the creation of nine mosaic works inspired by iconographic subjects taken from Inferno. This year the works, created by nine mosaic artists, tackle events and characters described in Purgatorio. The project will be completed in 2021 with another nine works inspired by the Canti del Paradiso, to coincide with the great Dante celebrations to mark the seventh centenary of this great poet’s death.
The Commedia in Bottega was conceived to bear witness to our territory’s strong artisan identity, so rich in value and formal qualities and aspiring to an artistic dimension through the search for its own expressive language. The mosaic works are displayed on logoed supports that lead visitors along an ideal exhibition itinerary among the city’s workshops and shop windows. A professional guide will accompany visitors along the itinerary to explain the iconography of the mosaic works as well as the verses of the Canti del Purgatorio that inspired them.


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