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Dal 05/10/2019 al 24/11/2019

Mostra personale di Sara Vasini


5 October - 24 November 2019
MAG Magazzeno Art Gallery
Curated by: Luca Maggio
opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday 3.30 p.m. - 7 p.m.; Saturday also 10.30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
free entry
opening: 4 October at 9 p.m.



Some years ago, Sara bought a cartoon: a 1953 graphic relief painted with pigments by Romolo Papa on dust paper. The cartoon depicts a Saint Peter coming from Ravenna Cathedral. The idea is to redo the cartoon in two versions. An all-pink Saint Peter and an all-blue Saint Peter. The original Saint Peter will be displayed in the centre with the pink version on the left and the light-blue version on the right. A video will be projected on the wall opposite the installation of this triptych. The video will show the same triptych and two naked figures (in white underpants, inspired by the white ones worn by Romolo Papa in the snapshots he took of himself at Piazza Armerina during restoration work) that will gradually replace the original figures.
On the left, over the pink figure, a woman; on the right, over the light-blue one, a man. During the short video - which will loop - the woman and man will approach each other, looking into each other’s eyes, until they find themselves in front of Romolo Papa’s Saint Peter.


MAG Magazzeno Art Gallery - Via Magazzini Posteriori, 37
0544 213597