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Il 10/10/2019


10  October  2019
 Laboratorio 3-D di Cecilia Travaglia- Longana (RA)
Curated by Cecilia Travaglia
opening hours: 7 p.m.-9-p.m.
free entry




Breaking the borders. Borders understood as recognition of state, matter, idea, culture, sex, color. Aggregation of contrasts, this is the goal, to destroy inequalities by adding opposites. The other mosaic! I would like to cover and make a “mosaic house”, the intention is to cover part of my property, ie the entire mosaic production workshop, in absolute freestyle during the summer and spring for almost all the entirety. Adding music, arty, sculpture, painting, mosaic, building, photography, graffiti, disabilities and all the different ones you want to add! I thought I could do it on several days with various collaborations and contaminations. I want my lab to be a big canvas.


Laboratorio 3-D di Cecilia Travaglia - Via del Borgo Longana , 16 - Longana (RA)
320 0442051