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Dal 04/10/2019 al 15/11/2019

Il Mosaico di Maddy


4 October - 15 November 2019
Ca' de Ven
opening hours:  always visible
free admission 



In these works, mosaic’s vitreous material meets elements from nature, making us forget about the cold and flat glass’ surface, in order to overwhelm us with the moods and colours of the sea. The dualism in these works reflects the human nature through the brilliance and skills of the artist. A suggestion to ponder on what we are and what is hiding in every person. As for the “Lunar Maria” (basaltic plains of the moon) our moods feel the influence of the surroundings, of the entire universe. A deep analysis and an incessant study give life to these unique and original works, on show at the Restaurant Ca’ De Ven from 4th October till 15th November.


Ca' de Ven - Via Corrado Ricci , 24

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