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Dal 06/10/2019 al 24/11/2019

Luca Freschi: Cariatidi; Sara Vasini: A Dora, la fine della civiltà

6th october  – 24th november 2019
 Museo Nazionale di Ravenna 
curated by Emanuela Fiori e Giovanni Gardini
opening hours: da Tuesday to Sunday 8.30 a.m. - 7 p.m.(ticket office closing)
admission: Full price € 6; from 18 to 25 years € 2; up to 18 years free
opening: 5th october al 5.30 p.m.

Sara Vasini and Luca Freschi are two young artists with very different but significant artistic languages and results. The artistic search is, for both of them, a process based on the recovery of the past, or of the memory. The artistic gesture, connected to the past, led them to dialogue with the artworks in the Museum, in a close interchange between ancient and modern, both from a material and a conceptual point of view.

For Sara Vasini the experience of writing is inextricably linked to the mosaic experience because the process is the same. The mosaic, for centuries, was a medium to "translate" the paintings, as Vasini feels the need to "translate" , with an intense and original calligraphy, the works of great authors.

Freschi uses stratification as his stylistic code, well aware that every object holds memories and emotions. He works on the time of life and his compositions seem delicate and harmless, innocently harmonious, only because he chooses objects with the same loving care with which a poet tastes and savors his words. Freschi's works are a litany, in which not only the stratification, but the compulsive repetition of the same objects give its a value.


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