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Vision of Eternity

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Il 12/10/2013

Projections by Andrea Bernabini, N.E.O. Project

Location: Ancient Franciscan Cloisters (Chiostro Dante) - Via Dante Alighieri 4/6
Curator: Andrea Bernabini, N.E.O. Project 
Date: Saturday, 12th October | 8pm
Opening hours: 8pm - 12pm

Video mapping projections on three Unesco monuments of Ravenna, realized by Andrea Bernabini/N.E.O Project:
· Mausoleum of Galla Placidia - Galla Placidia Shines On (2011)
· Mausoleum of Theoderic - Theoderic the Great (2012)
· Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo - The Golden Sky of Saint Apollinaris (2013)
The Visions of Eternity project is part of the promotion activity of Unesco monuments and of the candidature of Ravenna to Capital of Culture in 2019.


Ancient Franciscan Cloisters (Chiostro Dante) - via Dante Alighieri, 4/6
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