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Dal 12/10/2013 al 24/11/2013

Location: Ancient Franciscan Cloisters (Chiostri Cassa Superiore) - Via Dante Alighieri 4/6
Curator: Municipality of Ravenna, AIMC
Inauguration: Saturday, 12th October | 9.30pm
Date: 12th October - 24th November 2013
Opening hours: every day 10am - 6pm; closed on Mondays except for Monday, 14th October

The exhibition demonstrates the vitality of the mosaic art, an ancient technique that is getting more and more emancipated from traditional rules. Numerous artists choose mosaics as a means of expressing the frictions, trends and impressions of contemporary art.


Ancient Franciscan Cloisters (Chiostri Cassa Superiore) - via Dante Alighieri, 4/6
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