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Crossing Time

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Dal 12/10/2013 al 24/11/2013

Location: Ancient Franciscan Cloisters (Chiostro Cassa) - Via Dante Alighieri 4/6
Curator: Enzo Tinarelli
Inauguration: Saturday, 12th October | 9.30pm
Date: 12th October - 24th November 2013
Opening hours: everyday 10am - 6pm; closed on Mondays except for Monday, 14th October

The third edition of RavennaMosaico – International Festival of Contemporary Mosaic – the International Festival of Contemporary Mosaic, welcomes a unique collection started in the year 2000 for the Regina Elena Retirement Home in Carrara. 

Tinarelli has realized his mosaics from the drawings of several artists and closely cooperated with them, thus turning their projects into the guidelines for his work, rather than into a mere filter, and reasserting the exceptional expressive value of this technique. The 16 mosaic works by Tinarelli – Professor of Decorative Plastic Arts and Mosaic Techniques at the Fine Arts Academy in Carrara – have been executed exclusively with marble pieces and natural stones according to the ancient traditional technique of Ravenna, i.e. the direct method and the manual cutting of tiles, and then placed on light supports measuring 60x62cm.

The title of the exhibition – Crossing Time, emblem: mosaics of contemporary artists – reminds of the emblems, ancient Greek and Roman transportable mosaics that were laid at the centre of the floor in the villas and assembled in earthenware or marble 60x60cm boxes. The mosaic art is an age-old practice, permanently renewing itself throughout the centuries, that has found original forms of communicating with contemporary art within the urban, architectural and domestic space. 

The little-known treasure of Tinarelli, hidden for too many years, has now finally reached the capital city of the mosaic: Ravenna. 


Ancient Franciscan Cloisters (Chiostro Cassa) - Via Dante Alighieri, 4/6
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