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The Neonian Baptistery. A look trough the drawings and the materials of the Superintendency of Ravenna and educational workshop

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Il 22/10/2011

Location: National Museum of Ravenna- via Fiandrini
Curator: Superintendency for Architectural Heritage and Landscape of the provinces of Ravenna, Ferrara, Forli-Cesena and Rimini
Date: 22 October


Guided tour of the exhibition dedicated to Neonian Baptistery, organized by the International Centre for Teaching  History and Heritage of the University of Bologna. On display cartoon paintings, drawings, watercolors unpublished of the baptistery.
In addition, the educational services of the Superintendency offer the opportunity to get close to ancient art of mosaic. The visit to the exhibition dedicated to the Neonian Baptistery will follow the creative laboratory follow Drawing mosaic.


Via Fiandrini, 1