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Mosaic and interior architecture. The New Metaphor of Mosaic in Site-Specific E-motion

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Il 28/10/2011

Conference with Silvia Colizzi

Location: Sala d'Attore - Casa Melandri, via Ponte Marino 2
Date: 28 October


The conference, which will be attended by a number of members of the artistic-mosaic community of the province, Art Lyceum, Fine Arts Academy and other institutions in the educational sector, will deal with some artistic-educational work unified under the common theme of mosaic seen not only from the technical and operative viewpoint but also as an intrinsic metaphor for joining the parts to the whole.

The research done over more than 16 years of didactic experimentation was presented at the international conference entitled "Free Verse and free dance: embodied sense in motion" promoted by the University of Moscow (faculty of Philology, Fine Arts and Performing Arts, of Psychology) last October with an extract entitled "Musa...ico - dancing live mosaics on the rhythm of poetical words - A holistic, didactic theory to a free personality, through deconstructing and reconstructing."
The "materic/corporeal nature" implicit in mosaic art, which has found, and still finds, its greatest expression in architecture, besides furnishings, original design and works is educationally understood as a metaphor of restoration, restructuring, deconstruction and reconstruction of interior architecture. A society that is organised well in terms of urbanistics and architecture provides an incentive to the sense of belonging of the individual in a more functional and usable context, but this is only the external complementary nature of the individual, our contemporary nature, increasingly defined as "liquid", requires a good balanced reorganisation "of the interior architectural structures" harmonised by patient mosaic work: each, through the operative nature of mosaic, can become his own mosaicist.
Through a reflection on the ritualised and spiritualised movements in the activity of the mosaicist, who decomposes and recomposes material restoring its life, attention is given to the analogy with construction/deconstruction of the mosaic and the formation of the personality and at the same time to the interaction between persons understood as tiles, which are unique and unrepeatable, of the social mosaic: the Living Mosaic. The variety of communicative artistic dialogues, dance, music, poetry, colour, mosaic, "Musa...ico"...becomes the emblem of the evocative multiplicity of the human spirit, which assume, in the educational-artistic interpretation, Mosaic Didactics, a universal symbolic value of the desire to "arise", an evocative term of past historians which led to the unification of Italy which this year, its 150th anniversary, is highlighted further by the universal symbolism of reunited diversity in a mosaic of resources that aim at the art of living and of living together


Via Ponte Marino, 2