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O(Ax)=dO(Am) Equation Impossible

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Dal 05/11/2011 al 20/11/2011

Location: Itinerant exhibition_Longo Souvenir - Piazzetta degli Ariani 16; Galletti Abbiosi Hostel - via di Roma 140; MAR - via di Roma 13
Curator: Associazione Culturale MARTE
Inauguration: 4 Novembre
Period: 5 November - 20 November 2011


The draft shows O(Ax)=dO(Am) Equation Impossible, is a brainchild of Daniel Torcellini and edited by the Cultural Association Marte is planned in Ravenna 4 to 20 November 2011, during the International Festival RavennaMosaico.

The project aims to investigate the concepts of originality and derivation in the art, through a reconsideration of the role, value and use of mosaic technique in relation to other art techniques. The project aims to reverse one of the characteristics traditionally associated with the mosaic, namely that of being only a tool for translation of original ideas, such as sketches or paintings of artist design projects.
The works exhibited in the show O(Ax)=dO(Am) Equation Impossible testify to a reversal of traditional roles as creator and performer, and the original derivation. Now is the mosaic work to do to sketch and to be the subject of translation, but also appropriation, interpretation, inspiration and deception through other forms of artistic expression: painting, photography, sculpture, installation, music, video art, performance, etc.
The exhibition includes works that are not exposed to mosaic, included only in the photographic exhibition catalog. To be exposed is only the translations, as works from the full autonomy of expression. In this way it is meant to center stage, is ruled out the mosaic - and with it the concept of originality - art from the operation, in the progressive chain of creation that sees art born from art.
Mosaic Artists: Luca Barberini, Jo Braun, CaCO3, Arianna Gallo, Takako Hirai, Andrei Koruza, Julian Modica, Atsuo Suzumura, Matylda Tracewska.
Translators Artists: Filippo Farneti, Janesfonda, David Loom, Enrico Malatesta, NastyNasty, Serena Nostini, Orthographe, Filippo Pirini, Giorgia Severi, Takahiro Watanabe.


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