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Dal 23/10/2011 al 31/12/2013

A mosaic work in the garden of the residence "The Company of St. George" in Ravenna

Location: Garden the Company of Saint George - via Carlo Levi 11
Curator: Prof. Enzo Tinarelli with the students of the specialist two year mosaics course of Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna
Inauguration: 22 october
Period: from 23 october permanent display


The presentation of the work carried out by students of the mosaic Biennium Specialist Mosaic, with Prof. Enzo Tinarelli, the garden of the new resort "The Society of St. George", Via Carlo Levi 11, Ravenna, completes the experience of the workshop the environmental mosaic (aa. 2009-2011) conducted by Tinarelli, Ravenna artist who now lives and works in Carrara.

The synergy between public and private, to revive a challenge for contemporary mosaic, was part of the project from its beginnings, when it was identified the construction company Latorraca Realty Ltd of Ravenna.

Plastic work - mosaic for a residential complex under construction is as interested in the "commission", which supported the costs of the materials of the mosaic structure, those of transport and installation. To meet the instructional time was necessary to direct the project on an existing form that uphold the intervention mosaic, for which he was chosen a cylindrical mosaic (PVC pipe covered it, placed vertically, the column appears as a large high over 5 meters, diameter 70 cm).

Among the proposals chart - pictorial of the students was chosen, along with the sponsors, the sketch of Federica di Crescenzio representing two large dragons, red one, the other green, which evokes the name of the residential plexus. Particularly through the efforts of Roberta Grasso, Francesca Gazzotti, Elena Minascurta, Luca Tarozzi, the work has been accomplished in the summer - autumn 2010 (the other students of the course are Serena Cappelli, Bartosz Kesko, Kamal Makar, Marisa Marchi, Silvia Naddeo, Elena Saraceni).

The mosaic was made ??entirely with hand cut vitreous enamels and posed with the "classical" direct technical Ravenna.


Via Carlo Levi, 11