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The Monster of the Lagoon

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Dal 09/10/2011 al 20/11/2011

Location: MAR - City Art Museum of Ravenna - via di Roma, 13
Curator: MAR - City Art Museum of Ravenna; CIDM
Inauguration: 8 October
Period: 9 October - 20 November 2011


"The monster of the lagoon" is a magical creature which draws its from and inspiration from the place in which its legend originates, the lagoon of Venice.

A work by the architect Simona M. Favrin, consisting of a steel skeleton and an epidermis of Murano glass produced by the master Nicola Moretti, created by the synergy and creativity of architects, designers and artisans, under the supervision of Gianluca Orazio, it is on display in its natural environment, which is water. Of more than 6 metres length, it features an innovative technological core containing a heart of pulsating light and a dimension of water.


Via di Roma, 13