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Dal 09/10/2011 al 30/10/2011

Location: MAR - City Art Museum of Ravenna - via di Roma, 13
Curator: MAR - City Art Museum of Ravenna; CIDM
Inauguration: 8 October
Period: 9 October - 30 October 2011


This exhibition set up in the City Art Museum of Ravenna has been made possible by the collaboration of the Fine Arts Academy of Ravenna and the Fine Arts Academy of St. Petersburg with the special support of the magazine Solo Mosaico.
The forty-five drawings on display dedicated to the great Russian painter Repin come from the Fine Arts Academy of St. Petersburg and were selected from works by the best students to demonstrate the high quality and the role of drawing which is still important in this prestigious academy of neoclassical origins. It is through these drawings that the great classical tradition - for which drawing is the space in which the mind and hand unite to create a new image of reality - is given back to the present. The choice of the City Art Museum, which contains the precious pieces of the plaster casts gallery of the Fine Arts Academy of Ravenna including works ranging from Canova to Thorwaldsen, provides an evocative backdrop to the exhibition which extends to include the topic of education in regard to beauty through the art of drawing, for which the plaster models were the central instrument in art academies, also indicating the commonly held ideals behind the origin of the Russian academy and that of Ravenna (the curator of the project is Semyon Michailowsvky, rector of the Russian State Academy and editor of the catalogue accompanying the exhibition).


Via di Roma, 13