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Recuperi d'Oro di Marco Bravura

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Dal 10/10/2009 al 30/11/2009

Location: prato della Basilica di San Vitale, via Galla Placidia

The intention behind this installation is to focus on the strength and value of re-use and salvaging.
It is not only gold smalti scraps and a wheat byproduct like straw that can be salvaged, it is much more than that, possibly the entire planet.
We must learn the art of recycling-reuse-revaluation and above all reshaping our way of seeing things, so that we don't let it simply fall back into obvious habits and routines. We need to revise our sight to stimulate our capacity to discover, see and surprise ourselves the way we did at the beginning of our visual voyage.


Via Galla Placidia, 17