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Dal 12/10/2009 al 30/10/2009

Murales musivo dedicato al "Che" per la città di Sancti Spiritus a Cuba

Location: Accademia di Belle Arti, via delle Industrie 76
Opening: 9 October
Period: 12 - 30 October

The work dedicated to "Che" for the city of Sancti Spiritus in Cuba, is the wonderful outcome of the cultural relationship initiated between Ravenna and Cuba.
This event closes the first stage of the project that the Italy-Cuba Friendship Association, "Vilma Espin" club of Ravenna, is working on with the Ravenna Fine Arts Academy to build a bridge between two artistic cultures of Cuban murals and mosaics of Ravenna.
The large dimensions (the work measures two metres by ten) represent a great challenge to the vocation of mosaic as a medium for murals in the great South American tradition of murals.
It all started in 2008, the anniversary of Ernesto "Che" Guevara's birth (14 June 1928). The young artists of the Academy were invited to present sketches to recall this figure in the forefront of the Cuban revolution, international symbol for several generations of ideals related to social equality and solid internationalism.
The invitation was accepted by about twenty artists; their projects were taken to Cuba and put on display in the Oscar Fernandez Morena art gallery in Sancti Spiritus where a panel of judges formed of representatives of UNEAC (Union of Artists and Writers of Cuba) selected the one which best represented the life and thought of "Che".
After presentation to the public, the work can be seen as an installation in the Aula Magna of the Academy as a part of RavennaMosaico, the Contemporary Mosaic Festival taking place in Ravenna from 10 October to 20 November. It will then be sent to Cuba in the container which is sent every year by the Italy-Cuba Friendship Association to the island with information technology materials to be installed in public organisations.
In the early months of next year some artists of the Academy will go to Cuba where, together with young people from the Escuela de Arte di Trinidad, are to install the mural in the city near the main university facility of Sancti Spiritus.


Via delle Industrie, 76