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Three x Three - A comparison of two generations

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Dal 10/10/2009 al 20/11/2009

Location: Studio Emme Di, Via Salara 33
Period: from 10 october to 20 november 2009
Opening: 10 october

In the sphere of the promotion and valorisation of the mosaic art of Ravenna, the Emme Di workshop with its wide range of activities and hard work is worthy of great attention.

This city of art of ours, besides its historic buildings that have made it famous, is also the custodian of knowledge that is passed on from one generation to another, knowledge which is not only technical in nature but also to a school of thought.
The title of the exhibition, "THREE x THREE a comparison of two generations", demonstrates this perpetual continuity. Three masters: Ines Morigi Berti, Sergio Cicognani, Giuseppe Ventura, who represent the origin, almost in a prophetic sense, of the school, for three students who later became masters: Giuliano Babini, Marco De Luca, Paolo Racagni, who represent the continuation and together the metamorphosis; the change which is in continual evolution with the generation of their students.
I do not wish to go over the historic origins and criticism of these masters because a great deal has already been written about their works and it seems to me that it would violate something that has an aura of sacredness, so I just want to take some advantage from them.
The overlapping of these generations in the same state school, the Gino Severini State Institute of Mosaic Art is an indispensable element for understanding the school of thought in Ravenna concerning mosaics.
Something also of fundamental importance is also the private concerns such as the Laboratorio Emme Di Mosaici, thanks to which an aware valorisation of this great heritage is possible.

Alberto Cassani    
Culture councillor
Municipality of Ravenna


Via Salara, 33