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Dal 10/10/2009 al 20/11/2009

Personal exhibition of Yuri Ancarani

Location: Piazzetta degli Ariani, 16/a
Period: 10 October - 20 November 2009
Closure: Monday
Opening: 10 October 2009

The city of Ravenna, its outskirts, its history, its contradictions and aberrations have always been a source of suggestion and subject for analysis for Yuri Ancarani who spent her adolescence in these places...

The videos and mosaics that mark the artistic production of this artist are the expressive languages and instruments that Ancarani has decided to use for this project.
Through the art of mosaics the artist wishes to enchant the tourists looking for the perfect souvenir of Ravenna!

While many contemporary artists today increasingly resemble business people who try to conquer their public by extending the frontiers of the art world toward those of full scale commerce, Ancarani has chosen to fully embrace this approach and present his works in a historic workshop in his magic city: the works become luxury souvenirs.

The mosaics of Ancarani are produced using the ancient mosaic tradition of the Byzantine artisans applied to contemporary art. The mosaics, which reproduce fragments of well-known mosaics, are immersed in transparent containers containing a mixture of oil and petrol that are at the same time the expression of the face of a city and our own reality.


Piazzetta degli Ariani, 16/A