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Opus quotidianum

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Dal 10/10/2009 al 28/11/2009

Location: Galleria Mirada Libreria interno4 - Via Mazzini n. 83 - Ravenna
Period: from 10 October to 28 November
Opening: 10 October

An exhibition that plays right from the title on the ambiguity of materials and words. The term opus is typical of some traditional mosaic techniques (opus sectile, opus reticulatum, etc.), but opus quotidianum obviously does not exist. (...)
What it actually means is the daily work of research on the betrayal of images given by the media which has involved the artist Costantini for some years translated into a contemporary "pop" form of mosaic by the Koko studio of Ravenna. All the cartoons are taken from images taken from daily newspapers of various types and ably interpreted by the drawing skills of this artist from Ravenna. A project for the first Mosaic Festival of Ravenna which represents today absorbing the lessons of the past.


Via Mazzini, 83