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New Mosaic Works at the MAR

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Dal 10/10/2009 al 20/11/2009

Location: MAR - City Art Museum - via di Roma 13
Presented by: Claudio Spadoni                                     
Period: from 10 October to 20 November 2009

The exhibition project, organised by Claudio Spadoni, is intended as a continuation of the Modern Mosaics exhibition conceived by Giuseppe Bovini and opened in 1959. 

A new series of purchases will be on display, produced by mosaicists of Ravenna to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the collection, which will become a part of the contemporary mosaics collections of the MAR and increase the new purchases of the museum. On 24 October the new commissions for the MAR will be presented: a translation into mosaic, by the Fine Arts Academy of Ravenna, of a cartoon by Eugenio Carmi, a contemporary artist of international fame, and a mosaic work produced personally by the artist Germano Sartelli.
The exhibition will be held under to the porticos of the Loggetta Lombardesca, next to the collection of modern and contemporary mosaics.


Via di Roma, 13