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Children and Mosaic

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Dal 11/10/2009 al 20/11/2009

Location: National Museum of Ravenna, Via Fiandrini
Organised by: Solo Mosaico in collaboration with the National Museum of Ravenna
Opening: 10 October
Period: 11 October - 20 November 2009

Exhibition of 31 mosaic panels created by the children of the School of Burgas, Bulgaria.

For the Ravenna Mosaic Festival 31 works produced by children aged between seven and eleven have been chosen. They represent a charming example of the spontaneity, genuineness and sincerity of children's art even in its simplest forms of expression. Children's art is always spoken of with such tenderness because its effect on us is irresistible; it amazes us with the originality of the images and extraordinary viewpoints, their imagination strikes us and reminds us of moments in our own childhood. The exhibition, set up in the evocative areas of the National Museum of Ravenna, underlines the solid relationship that can be established between children and art through mosaics, a relationship that can flourish into love of art, perhaps for their entire lives, and certainly for the happy years of childhood and the more difficult period of youth.

The children's mosaic school of Burgas was founded in 1979 by Raina Racheva, the current director of the school, and it has become an example of how to work with children not only in Bulgaria but also beyond the frontiers of the country.
The children's mosaics of Burgas have had great success at the exhibitions of children's art demonstrating the quality of the educational activities organised by the school.
The works produced by the children of the school have been on display in numerous exhibitions, in Paris (UNESCO session), Rotterdam (1982), the EXPO pavilion in Bulgaria (1985), Tsukuba in Japan, the Czech Republic, Algeria, Bulgaria (at the International women's meeting in 1998, with the participation of Raissa Gorbacheva and Hillary Clinton), the Bulgarian Parliament (1998) and the National Museum of Sofia "Land and People" (1999).
The evocative variform collection which has been kept over the years represents an excellent cultural resource for Burgas.

The National Museum of Ravenna is pleased to cooperate with SoloMosaico in the organisation of this exhibition which is perfectly in harmony with the purposes of education and art appreciation that it has always promoted.


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