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Chagall Workshop

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Dal 10/10/2009 al 27/10/2009

Location: MAR - City Art Museum (CIDM Materials Archive Room) - via di Roma 13
Period: 10 October - 27 October 2009
Organised by: CIDM, MAR - City Art Museum of Ravenna
Sponsor: CNA
Opening: 10 October

The results of the works will be presented officially on 20 November 2009, at the closure of the festival.

The event, organised by the International Mosaic Documentation Centre (CIDM), has an intentionally didactic character in addition to the need for conservation of the work. The workshop, set up at the Materials Archive Room of the CIDM, will be open at preset hours.

The results of the work, which is to be finished by the end of the RavennaMosaico Festival, 20 November 2009, will be presented officially through the organisation of a conference open to the public.


Via di Roma, 13