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Dal 10/10/2009 al 20/11/2009

Books created by artists in mosaic

Location: Santa Maria delle Croci
Period: 10 October - 20 November 2009
Organised by: Fine Arts Academy of Ravenn
Opening: 10 October

An invitation aimed at 9 young artists/mosaicists to reflect on the form of the book and creation using mosaic technique, of a 'book object' which creates a desirer to look at it but not read, a kind of 'not book', a 'book object'.

The 'Bibliomosaico' thematic exhibition originated with the intention of stimulating young artists and mosaicists to think about the shape of a book and putting them to the test by asking them to create a representation of a "book object" which creates a desire to look at it but not read it, a kind of "not book", a "book object", a book which although having lost its content of words has gained  its own specific conceptual meaning of an open work with which the artist can create new forms.
This will be an exercise in creativity that communicates its own free expressive independence through mosaic technique.
There are many creations of books by artists with parts that reuse existing materials and others covered with embroidery on fabrics or coloured card or plexiglass or wood and various materials with surprising and charming results. So it is not a question of a book that becomes a work of art but rather a work of art that suggests a book.
The invitation is aimed at nine young mosaicists who already have some mastery of mosaic technique. The mosaic works are specifically for the space that is normally occupied by real books.

Filippo Bandini, Ravenna
Luca Barberini, Ravenna
Aniko Ferreira Da Silva per CaCO3, Ravenna
Arianna Gallo, Ravenna
Francesca Gismondi, Ravenna
Armin Grathwohl, Germania
Takako Hirai, Giappone
Elisa Simoni, Ravenna
Matylda Tracewska, Polonia


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