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Dal 10/10/2009 al 20/11/2009

Personal exhibition of Daniele Strada

Location: Sala Dantesca - Classense Library - via Baccarini, 3
Organised by: The Classense Library Institute
Opening: 10 October
Period: 10 October - 20 November 2009

Would you like a new book, one chosen from the bottom of the pile because it hasn't been touched, thumb through the pages to make them sound like a pack of cards being shuffled, to smell the glue and ink they release, deflowering it, or a used book, with scars in the rounded corners of the soft yellowed pages, bleached by inept attempts to hide stains and underscoring..? When you decide to buy a book do you check it out first to make sure or do you go in the bookshop with the enthusiasm of a child going to the fair finding comfort in the books already read..? Do you always go the till with purchase or do you think that the choice of a book is such a complex and important affair that very often you take advantage of the queue to exit embittered and without anything..?
When you enter a house do you first look at the bookshelf of the plasma TV..?
From the arrangement of the books on the shelves do you think you will glean some information about the inhabitant..?
Are you ever tempted instinctively to pull out a book from the bookshelf to see if there are any signs of its being read..?
What do you think books do during the night?


Via Baccarini, 3